5 Tips for Keeping Healthy Houseplants

Investing in a few houseplants can do wonders to enhance a room. In fact, research has shown that there are several benefits to having indoor plants. In addition to adding color and a natural feel to a space, they can improve air quality, relieve stress and increase productivity.

Although houseplants dont require fancy tools, they do need regular care to grow strong. With these tips, you can keep healthy indoor plants that’ll provide you with many benefits:

Know Your Houseplants
Different plants have different needs, so familiarize yourself with the best conditions for your plants. This is usually easy because most houseplants come with a tag that outlines the necessary care. If you dont have the tag, you could look up the recommended care for a specific plant species online. Once you discover what each plant needs, follow the recommendations.

Water Properly
Plants need water, but too much can kill them. Remember, different plants need different amounts of water and to be watered at different intervals. Some plants might require watering every other day, and others may need watering just once a week.

You may also want to consider the water you use. If your tap water is hard or has high chlorine content, it could damage your houseplants. As an alternative, you could collect rainwater to use on the plants.

Give Them Fertilizer
Fertilizer is even more important for houseplants than it is for outdoor plants, as indoor plants have no source of nutrients other than the ones you provide them. Therefore, it’s vital that you buy the right fertilizer for your houseplants and follow the instructions carefully.

Find a Good Location
You dont want to place your houseplants in just any location inside the home. You need to account for several factors to ensure you’re providing them with a good environment. One of the keys to placing a houseplant is the amount of sunlight it needs. Some plants may need a lot, while others may be able to thrive in the shade.

Also consider humidity, as plants can dry out if there isn’t enough moisture in the air. Avoid placing plants near heating vents, and if an area of the home is drafty during winter, consider relocating the plant until the seasons change.

Keep a Watchful Eye
Even if you follow all the best practices for plant care, you must keep an eye on your houseplants. Indoor plants can still be subject to diseases and pests. Looking for signs of damage can help you get ahead of any issues that could cause your plant to die if untreated.

You should also prune your houseplants regularly and watch their growth. You obviously want to prune any branches that are damaged, dead or diseased, but also consider repotting houseplants that have outgrown their containers. If you take care of your plants, there’s a good chance they’ll need to be moved to a larger pot.

By implementing all these tips, you’ll be well on your way to having healthy houseplants that live longer.

Source: Rae Steinbach/RISMedias Housecall


Published with permission from RISMedia.

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