3 Ways to Have Better Communication

3 Ways to Have Better Communication

In an age where the majority of our communication happens from behind a screen, our face-to-face interactions are often lacking. Below are several tips for having clearer communication.

1. Make Eye Contact

Direct eye contact can go a long way in having a clear conversation. Not only will it help you pick up on non-verbal cues, but it will show respect” You’re not staring off into space.

2. Listen

Communication is often stalled when one (or more) parties involved simply await their turn to speak. This limits our attention and makes it nearly impossible to truly hear what the other person is saying. When someone is speaking, try hard to clear your mind and focus on what they’re saying, and how they’re saying it.

3. Write It Out

While face-to-face communication is vital for all relationships, whether they’re personal or professional, when you’re in a heated or complicated situation, writing your thoughts down can be helpful. Whether you send what you’ve written to the person you need to communicate with or just use it as practice for what you will say when the time comes, getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper can be a useful tool.
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