Elevate Your Space With These Simple Indoor Plants

Elevate Your Space With These Simple Indoor Plants

A well-curated home takes time to foster. An indoor plant can revitalize and elevate any room. It’s time to find the perfect plant for your space.

Spider Plant

These non-toxic plants are hard to kill and easy to pair with any decor style. All they need is a pot of soil, moderate sunlight, and weekly watering, and you’ll be sure to enjoy this plant for its simple beauty and air-purifying benefits.


A classic choice for many homes across the decades, a pothos plant can thrive in filtered light to low light though they can burn in direct sunlight. Pothos plants are a great choice for maximalist plant lovers.


Known not only for their delicate beauty, orchids have a reputation for being difficult to manage. They are relatively low maintenance if you know that even a little bit of overwatering can kill them.

With plants, this is easy to care for, don’t hesitate to put a plant in every corner of your home.

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